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The Art Of Living Education

About SSRVM Trust and Schools

Sri Sri Academy Siliguri comes under the aegis of the Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM) Trust. Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Trust was founded in the year 1999 by Sri Sri Ravishankar as the education wing of The Art of Living Foundation. The SSRVM Trust has established about 120 educational institutions, the best in India, starting from Pre-Primary to P.G. studies in diverse fields, and operates a world-class University in Cuttack, Odisha.

The schools under SSRVM Trust are Bal Mandir, Vidya Mandir & Sri Sri Academy, that fall under the top CBSE schools of the country. The vision of these schools are:
– To provide holistic education that enhances cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual learning.
– To make students academically competent, innovative, creative, socially aware and self developing.
– To enable students to broaden their vision and deepen their roots through our unique methodology which imbibes an appreciation of our culture & values and those of other nations, in them.
– Enhance human values like love, friendliness, compassion, caring, and sharing, while offering the regular curriculum in a cheerful, fun-loving environment.
– To provide students with modern tools as well as the moral and spiritual strength needed to face the challenges of the modern world and thus evolve into socially conscious global citizens.

Higher Education Institutions under SSRVM Trust are:

  • Sri Sri Ravishankar Junior College in Osmanabad (Maharashtra)
  • Sri Sri College of Ayurveda Science and Research in Bangalore
  • Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies
  • Sri Sri Institute of Management Studies
  • Sri Sri Centre of Professional Excellence
  • Sri Sri School for Performing Art & Fine Arts
  • Sri Sri institute of Computer Science at Omerga (Maharashtra)
  • Sri Sri University in Cuttack (Odisha)

Facts & Figures:

120 education institutions
under SSRVM Trust
Presence in 16 States
across India
More than 25,000
Employing 5,000
Supports over 400
free schools
49 schools – Sri Sri Ravishankar
Vidya Mandir
34 schools – Sri Sri Ravishankar
Bal Mandir
2 schools – Sri Sri Ravishankar
Seva Mandir
5 schools – Sri Sri
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