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Boarding schools are meant for naughty Kids- Myth Vs Reality

It’s a common misconception that naughty kids are sent to boarding schools or boarding schools are meant for naughty kids.
Some parents may reprimand a child by saying that if they are naughty , they will be sent to a boarding school ,however boarding schools are not for the naughty or difficult children. When a parent chooses to send a child to a boarding school , it is not necessarily that they are not able to handle the child or they want to get rid of their responsibilities. They do it because they want to provide the child with the best overall education possible.
In today’s world parents look for more than just Academic Excellence , they want a comprehensive learning environment which will lead to a child’s holistic development.
I personally feel that every child should spend some time in a hostel. Hostel /Boarding schools give a form of life education and one learns so much more than just academics. Time management,self discipline are some of the attributes which are built in a child from an early age. Children learn to be independent and confident as they learn to adjust in a surrounding which is out of their comfort zone. When they learn to solve daily problems themselves and do things on their own they gain confidence .
Children build their social skills , they meet children from various parts of the country/world They learn to accept and respect each other, learn about different cultures, especially in a country like ours where we are culturally and religiously diverse.They share a strong bond with their peers, friendships that are formed in a boarding school tend to last for a lifetime
When children live and study with peers/friends , they have a lot to share and learn . They develop communication skills ,and unlike day scholars they will have less distraction and have more time for studies and may have an added advantage of interacting with teachers even after regular Classes / during study time . They are exposed to various after school activities , specially games.They develop,comraderie,team spirit and leadership skills.
Some children might take time to adjust and may not fit in immediately. The school and parents must work together to enable the child and make the Boarding school experience joyful and meaningful.
Parents must have the right reasons for sending the children to a boarding school.They must take the time to explain to the child the reason for sending them to the boarding school and prepare them accordingly. Channel of communication must be kept open between parents and children and school authority to follow up on the child’s progress .

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