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The Art Of Living Education

Life as I look at it.

From the cosy shelter of my mother’s arms to the neighbouring children I witness, where is my life leading to?
Whether it’s safe or dangerous is all I need to know.
I hear the cooing of my mother and I know it’s a beautiful world.

Here I come to school, under the guidance of the teachers,
Where my life is leading to as I witness the care taken by my mentors,
Whether it’s safe or dangerous is all I need to know.
The reassuring words of my teachers makes me want to embrace the world outside.

I hear of the commotions of pollutions of tragedies of the world,
Whether it’s safe or dangerous out there is all I need to know.
Will all these be present when I step outside? Cause this is not I want to face.

Am I being prepared for the challenges that await me in the real world?
For now, all seems very bright and beautiful from where I stand.

I would love a world where the mind is without fear and my head is held high,
Where knowledge is free.
Where the world is not broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.

I ask you dear teachers, dear mentors and my dear elders,
What type of world will I be introduced to?
Whether it will be liveable or would I have to fight for living?
Hope the world that you are leaving us would be safe and not dangerous, is all I need to know.

Looking forward to a green, friendly & comfortable world outside !!!

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