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The Art Of Living Education

Our Education Model

An educated person has concepts as solid as the Earth to receive information from sources like the Air around us, with attitude like that of Water, that takes the shape of the container it is poured into and it is enthused by the Fire of imagination and at the same time has freedom like the Space that is all pervading.
Param Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji

Our unique academic practices ensure the scholastic development of each child:

  • In-House Workbooks designed by an experienced academic and research team at SSRVM Trust, Bangalore
  • Effective Assessment through periodical tests and examinations to appraise cognitive abilities and observational skills
  • Sri Sri Academy is the first school in Siliguri to offer the Apple Education Program. Here, iPads and apps are used in the classroom. We’ve harnessed the power of technology to make education more engaging. Know more in Sri Sri Academy Edge

The cornerstone of Sri Sri Academy’s curriculum is the emphasis on the holistic growth of each student – physical, intellectual, cognitive, aesthetic, social, emotional and spiritual.

  • Student workshops conducted by Art of Living teachers to enhance their skills, attitude, behaviour, abilities, emotional intelligence and intuition. Programmes include Happiness Program, Prajna Yoga (intuition process) and Meditation.
  • Students are grounded in Satsang(spiritual practices), Seva (service) and Sadhana (living the knowledge).
  • From Grade 3 onwards, students perform Sudarshan Kriya daily for 20 minutes. These are breathing techniques that restore the body, mind and spirit.
  • Co-curricular activities in various subjects such as Art, Drama, Robotics and Sports are included in the curriculum.

Our education model revolves around these 5 aspects of education:

We teach students how to understand facts, dive into the depths of information to grasp their value through:

• Quizzes
• Using the Internet
• Projects
• Group discussion

While fact are the smaller bits of information, overall concepts are the big picture. We cultivate academic, social, emotional and spiritual learning through:

• Role play
• Experiential learning
• Field trips
• Mind-mapping

Students are given creative outlets to explore their mind and imagination. This helps them understand themselves better as well as hone their innate talents. We give wings to thought through:

• ‘What if’ questions
• Comic creation
• Art & craft
• Story writing

The Art of Living Foundation’s teachings and practices play a pivotal role in our academic system. We use these learnings to add value to students’ lives, and provide holistic learning. At Sri Sri Academy Siliguri, students undergo a transformation of the self by:

• Inculcation of Human values
• Teachers who are role models
• Stories
• Anecdotes

At Sri Sri Academy Siliguri, students avail the freedom to think, speak and express:

• Freedom with discipline
• Freedom of speech
• Freedom of expression
• Meditation

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