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“विद्या ददाति पूर्णत्वम्” –
Education Brings Completeness.

Sri Sri Academy Siliguri in West Bengal is a part of the Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir(SSRVM) Trust, the education wing of The Art of Living Foundation.

Our aim is to provide a broad-minded education with a warm heart, making Sri Sri Academy one of the best school in Siliguri for your child. Sri Sri Academy is a temple of knowledge, where every child blossoms through the pursuit of academic excellence and inculcation of human values. We focus on all aspects of human life to provide a holistic, healthy education system that enhances the values and virtues each child is inherently born with. The key is to harness ancient values while being innovative and modern in our approach. We follow CBSE based curriculum.

About Sri Sri Academy, Siliguri, West Bengal.

Day Boarding & Residential School

Integrated Classrooms

Sports Facilities

Green Building

Sri Sri Academy is a day boarding and residential school in Siliguri. Day boarding and residential school refers to a day school where students spend extra hours in school, which enhances their all-round development. Here, students avail the advantages of both day school and residential school.

– Students attend school for 8 hours from Monday to Saturday, with the first and third Saturdays as holidays.
– If required, remedial or enrichment classes are conducted.
– Participation in co-curricular activities and sports improves.
– Students spend more time with teachers ensuring personal attention and care.
– Nutritious breakfast, lunch and an evening snack are served.