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The Art Of Living Education

Teachers & Teaching Methodology


Basic human values need to be encouraged in the classroom. A child is born with these values and a teacher needs to uncover them.
Param Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji

Teachers at Sri Sri Academy Siliguri are experts in academics. At the same time, they are equally equipped and trained to be compassionate and to encourage basic human values. They are role models for students and create a happy, stress-free environment.

Teachers are given special orientation to nurture good values amongst students. Their training programmes include:

Daily Knowledge

In-service teacher’s training in subjects and skills

Happiness Program by The Art of Living Foundation for basic human values

Advanced course in
The Art of Living

Shraddha Teacher’s Training

120 hours of training in skill enhancement & classroom management


Our teaching methodology is designed to kindle curiosity in every child by making learning experiential. It helps to strengthen the body, mind and emotions, and create a sense of belonging with the whole world.

  • – Integral Child Centric Education: CBSE Pattern of Studies (In line with NCF 2005)
  • – Learning By Doing: Activity-based, experiential learning
  • – Technology Integrated Classrooms supported by iPads
  • – Comprehensive Assessment & Evaluation for overall development of child
  • – Research Based Learning: Projects, seminars and student-led conferences

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