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The Art Of Living Education

The Indian Education – Boon or Bane.

Education is a foundation upon which we build our future. – Christine Gregoire

A phase comes in every parents’ lives when they have to decide as to where to educate their child. Which institution is right for their child? During the British Raj, our forefathers were taught how to be good clerks and excel in doing the British Officer’s work. They were never taught true education for life. We have followed that same system till date. When do we use the Pythagoras Theorem in our daily lives or when do we use algebra as a daily tool? We were not taught how to buy a house or how to open a bank account in our education system. Life Value Education which is primary to our daily lives is what needs to be taught. To be good human beings and love and help each other are important to teach. With so many schools mushrooming in Siliguri you are left but in a dilemma as to what decision to take.

Let’s look within ourselves. What do we want for our children? We would want them to be happy, successful and satisfied in life. In our lives, there are ups and downs and we are not always happy and we are not always sad. Happiness is something that cannot be bought but has to come from within ourselves.  You could be sad with a lot of money and with a huge amount of success too. Happiness is found in little things in life. You could be not well off but you could be happy, you could not be successful but you could be happy. Being a good human being is what we should teach our children. The right values of life must be inculcated in them. Being happy should be the most important goal in their lives.

Now when you have shortlisted the schools check for the principles they follow. What are their core values? What is the student-teacher ratio? Do the school have branches in places other than your hometown?  Find a school that will bring a smile on the face of your child.

As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji says “My dream is to see the whole world unite as one family. Shall we all commit to creating a wave of happiness and smile on all the faces.” Let’s all help in creating a world full of smiles and happiness by sowing the seeds of peace, harmony and tranquillity in the minds of our children today. Looking forward to one world, one religion – humanity and one race – the human race.

Chandrama Pradhan -Principal,

Sri Sri Academy, Siliguri.


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