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Yoga for students

Yoga is derived from the Sankrit word ‘yuj’ which means ‘union’. Union of the body and the mind and to bring harmony between both.

Yoga not only includes asana, pranayama and meditation but is a discipline in itself. When students practice yoga regularly, it significantly improves their focus , memory, academic performance, self-esteem and classroom behaviour. Children are always bubbling with energy and when they include yoga in their daily routine, they are able to channelize and shift this energy towards their goal and focus their mind at a particular thing. Students are often found struggling to manage their emotions and their inability to express themselves makes it even worse. In order to succeed, it is very important for students to monitor their behaviour and be open to feedback from others. The awareness to do this can be brought only through yoga asanas, pranayamas, meditation and mindful breathing practices.
Asanas help the students to increase body’s flexibility, stamina and strength. While pranayamas increase the capacity of the lungs and help them breathe correctly. And meditation gives them a chance to calm down, be steady and look inward.

Yoga can be playful, interactive and at the same time help them to stay physically fit. Practicing yoga and taking mindful pauses can be like hitting the reset button. It can reduce challenging behaviour by providing a physical outlet for students to express themselves.

We , at Sri Sri Academy, Siliguri, incorporate yoga as a part of our daily routine. The children and the staff practice this holistic and ancient wisdom at school. Not just as a classroom activity, but they are taught yoga in a way so that they can live a mindful and balanced life.

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