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30:1 Ratio

Each section has a max of 30 students to 1 teacher to ensure personal care.

Result-Oriented Academic Pedagogy

For academic excellence successfully implemented across India.

Modern Facility

Technology integrated in every aspect of learning

Holistic Learning

Equipping the future generation with all the skills they'll need in the future

Sri Sri Academy Siliguri
Sri Sri Academy Siliguri

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inspired learners

There’s something for everyone!

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Sri Sri Academy Siliguri Parent Testimonial

“I would like to share a wonderful experience I had with my son Aryan Prakash a student of Class IV of Sri Sri Academy, Siliguri. I being an early riser was surprised to see my son up early on a Sunday morning and was even more surprised to see him so insistent that I do Yoga under his supervision.

Being a parent I agreed to play along just to keep him amused but you cannot imagine my joy in seeing the near perfect way my son approached his task. The sequence of the asanas was perfect and so was his eye for details in which way the asanas were to be performed.

I must from the core of my heart thank the Principal and the team of Sri Sri Academy ,Siliguri , for this wonderful moment in my life. We in our search for the bigger things in life miss out on these small moments which carry infinite joy.

My special thanks to his yoga teacher also”.

Anand Prakash

Aryan's Father

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