Hostel Facility

A school with hostel facility in Siliguri exposes children to academics, art, and athletics, as well as a sense of responsibility. It is a place where students create memories and make lifelong friends.

The Sri Sri Academy in Siliguri provides a well-appointed and state-of-the-art residential facility which makes it the ideal school with hostel facility in Siliguri. There are separate hostels for boys and girls, away from the noise and pollution of the city, with wide open lush green spaces and multiple playing fields. The dormitories/rooms are spacious, bright , well-furnished and fully air-conditioned. We lay emphasis on creating a warm, welcoming, safe and invigorating atmosphere for the students.

The students learn to adjust and interact with children from different places – we have students from different states as well as the neighboring countries . The students are given a multidimensional stage for learning and growing ,which leads to their holistic development.

Hostel Wardens

The comfort, safety, health, hygiene, and emotional well-being of the students are taken care of by well-trained wardens and staff. The male and female wardens of the respective hostels are strict yet compassionate . They help the students, take care of their needs as well as maintain discipline. They inspect the dormitories, study units and common-rooms, to ensure that the children maintain neatness and personal hygiene. They also keep in touch with parents via email or telephonically, providing regular updates about their children’s welfare.

Along with the wardens there are residential teachers who give personalized attention to each student. They work closely with the children , supervise study hours and provide extra support for academic excellence. The school also has proper mentoring and counselling sessions for the students.


The hostel students enjoy a wide range of Sports, P.T , Yoga , Karate etc under the guidance of well qualified coaches /teachers. Students are coached in a sport of their choice for a dedicated time each day.

Experiential learning is essential for the overall development of the student. The students participate in activities such as dance, music, art , celebrations , festivals and even cooking an occasional meal. We also organise trips, excursions and camps for the students to partake in an enjoyable learning experience.

Nutritious Vegetarian Cuisine

The students are served a wide range of vegetarian cuisine, which is wholesome, balanced,nutritious and specially curated by a Nutritionist. The School Menu is changed on a monthly basis, with inputs from staff and students via the School Food Committee.
We do not permit junk food and aerated soft drinks on the campus.


There is a well-equipped Infirmary with a full-time, qualified nurse. The infirmary is well-stocked and equipped to handle minor injuries, allergies and illnesses. Beds are available for rest and recuperation. The school also has a tie up with leading hospitals of the town.

Safety and Security

The campus is secured by closed-circuit TV and a full roster of security personnel stationed at the front, rear gates and the hostels. The guards also regularly patrol the campus to ensure students are safe.