The house system at Sri Sri Academy , Siliguri helps to teach children the value of teamwork and encourage a sense of camaraderie ,identity and belonging. It provides opportunities for participation, involvement and leadership skills to developing self esteem and confidence.

Houses are allotted to students from Class I. Participation is encouraged through various inter-house competitions in creative and performing arts, literary activities, sports and special assemblies, thereby, developing confidence in the members of the house to show case their talents. A healthy competitive and team spirit is thus inculcated and encouraged in every child. Throughout the year, students receive points which contribute to the house competitions. Then at the end of the year, all points are counted and the winning house for the year is announced and awards are distributed. The houses are:

Bhakti (Yellow House) signifying devotion and commitment
Yukti (Blue House) signifying skill and talent
Shakti (Red House) signifying energy and vitality
Shanti (Green House) signifying peace and harmony

The Senior students are encouraged to participate in the broader curriculum by taking on leadership roles within the House. They may run House and committee meetings, initiate or assist teachers in planning House and school activities or take on more formal roles as House Captains and Vice Captains.

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