Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

DMIT is a well-recognized scientific tool to study human fingerprints. It is a set of assessments developed by scientists and medical experts based on genetics, embryology, dermatoglyphics, neuroscience and pediatric psychology through methods of observation, record, comparison and summarization in combination with clinical experience.

Through the connection of fingerprints and brain, the test analyses the inborn strengths and potential of your child. DMIT is an exceptional tool for both parents and teachers to understand a child’s brain activity, innate characteristics and intelligence. Every child is special in his/her own way and DMIT enables us to understand a child’s unique learning style, multiple quotients, learning methods and personality traits.

Sri Sri Academy is the only school in Siliguri that conducts these tests for all their students. Needless to mention, this facility has been extended to children enrolled at Neev – The Foundation School too, the Pre-Primary Wing of Sri Sri Academy, Siliguri. The aim of this test is to empower parents as well as facilitators to fully understand and respect individual differences of each child and plan and provide education and training accordingly.

Get a step closer in understanding your child better by booking an appointment today! The process is extremely smooth and does not take much time. Visit the school to get your child’s fingerprint scan taken, which takes all of 15 minutes. The report is generated 42 hours later following which a one-on-one counseling session is organized with our in-house DMIT Counselor. This would give you a complete understanding of the innate potential, strengths, areas of intelligence, personality traits and brain dominance of your child.

So, why wait? Let us come together, nurture every child and give him/her an effective start from the very beginning!

Career Counselling

Career counseling plays a vital role in guiding and empowering students to make informed decisions about their future. It helps students explore their interests, strengths, and goals, and provides them with the necessary tools and resources to navigate their career paths successfully.

At our school, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive career guidance to our students. Our career counseling program aims to support students in their personal and professional development, helping them discover their passions and potential career opportunities.

Our goal is to ensure that every student at our school is prepared for a successful transition from school to the professional world. With our comprehensive career counseling program, we aim to empower students to make confident and informed decisions about their futures.

We believe that investing in career counseling services is an investment in the holistic development and long-term success of our students. By providing them with the necessary guidance and support, we are shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

If you would like to learn more about our career counseling program or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our counseling department. We look forward to supporting our students in their journey towards fulfilling and rewarding careers.