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  • Top Day Boarding and Residential School CBSE Affiliation No.2430273

Sri Sri Academy Siliguri has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff who constantly strive to create a warm, loving and happy learning environment for the children. They play an important role in ensuring students learn in a safe and supportive manner.

Our Teachers

Our qualified , well trained and experienced academicians are committed to deliver the best to our students. We believe children feel strongly connected to teachers who nurture and care for them, the teacher-student bonding forms an integral part of our school culture. The friendly learning environment of our school encourages spontaneity and intellectual curiosity in the students.

The school provides a series of training and induction program to the teachers to equip them with the necessary skills and understand and deliver our concept of education . Teachers are specially trained to be compassionate, patient and child friendly – qualities essential in an education system where basic human values are nurtured.

Administration Team

The administrative Department headed by the Chief Administrative Officer is the backbone of the school. The team work effortlessly and effectively in tandem with each other for the smooth functioning of the school. They also manage facilities and support staff and play a critical role in helping students acquire the resources they need to achieve academically

Teaching Staff
Ajit Dutta
Aleena Rai
Anupam Jaiswal
M.A(Hindi), B.Ed
Aradhita GuhaB.A (English), TTC
Chandni PradhanB.Use(Dance)DElD
Chittotosh DasB.A., M.P.Ed, YOGA
Gargee Dhar PurkayasthaM.Sc (Biotechnology), Ph.D (Biotechnology), B.Ed
Madhumita Ghosh KarB.A(Bengali hons.), Diploma (Art & craft)
Mandira LepchaM.A (Nepali), B.Ed.
Mohua DuttaB.Sc, M.A(English), B.Ed.
Mouli ChakrabortyM.A.(English) B.Ed.
Neha AgarwalM.Com, B.Ed.
Papiya ChakrabartiM.A.(Bengali ) B.Ed.
Pranita LamaB.P.Ed , M.A (English)
Prasanta SubbaB.A.& Grade 8 in Elect.Keyboard
Purnima ThapaM.A. (English), B.Ed.
Pritam SahaM.A. (Geography) B.Ed.
Puja PradhanM.A.(English) NTT
Radha ChettriM.A (Nepali)
Rohan SunarM.Sc. (Mathematics ) B.Ed.
Sangita DeyM.A (YOGA)
Seema JaiswalM.A. (HINDI) , B.Ed.
Soma Ghosh DebM.A., B.Ed
Soumyadip DeyM.A. (Hist.), B.Ed
Sourav DasM.Sc (Comp. Sci.), B.Ed
Geeta BardewaB.A. B.S.W,B.Ed
Aindreela NandiM.A. (English)PRT English
Bal Krishna AgarwalC.A. PGT (Accounts)
Shivankar ChhetriM.A. PGT.(Economics)
Vivek BanerjeeM.Tech. PGT (Physics)
Non-Teaching Staff
Chandrama PradhanPrincipal
Col. (Retd.) Sunil Kumar Singh
Chief Administrative Officer
Subhechha GuhaHR & Admin Coordinator
Rodha ChettriAsst. Nurse
Varsha SharmaAdmissions Counsellor
Vicky SonarAccountant
Vishaka PradhanAdmissions Counsellor
Vinit kumarIT & Systems Administrator
James Carlton JohnsonHostel Warden (Male)
Mavis BruntonHostel Warden (Female)