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  • Top Day Boarding and Residential School CBSE Affiliation No.2430273

Sri Sri Academy Siliguri has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff who constantly strive to create a warm, loving and happy learning environment for the children. They play an important role in ensuring students learn in a safe and supportive manner.

Our Teachers

Our qualified , well trained and experienced academicians are committed to deliver the best to our students. We believe children feel strongly connected to teachers who nurture and care for them, the teacher-student bonding forms an integral part of our school culture. The friendly learning environment of our school encourages spontaneity and intellectual curiosity in the students.

The school provides a series of training and induction program to the teachers to equip them with the necessary skills and understand and deliver our concept of education . Teachers are specially trained to be compassionate, patient and child friendly – qualities essential in an education system where basic human values are nurtured.

Administration Team

The administrative Department headed by the Chief Administrative Officer is the backbone of the school . The team work effortlessly and effectively in tandem with each other for the smooth functioning of the school. They also manage facilities and support staff and play a critical role in helping students acquire the resources they need to achieve academically

Teaching Staff
Aanchal Gupta
M.Sc. (Mathematics ) B.Ed.
Aleena Rai
Anupam Jaiswal
M.A(Hindi), B.Ed
Aradhita GuhaB.A (English), TTC
Chandni PradhanB.Use(Dance)DElD
Chittotosh DasB.A., M.P.Ed, YOGA
Gargee Dhar PurkayasthaM.Sc (Biotechnology), Ph.D (Biotechnology), B.Ed
Madhumita Ghosh KarB.A(Bengali hons.), Diploma (Art & craft)
Mandira LepchaM.A (Nepali), B.Ed.
Mohua DuttaB.Sc, M.A(English), B.Ed.
Mouli ChakrabortyM.A.(English) B.Ed.
Neha AgarwalM.Com, B.Ed.
Papiya ChakrabartiM.A.(Bengali ) B.Ed.
Pranita LamaB.P.Ed , M.A (English)
Prasanta SubbaB.A.& Grade 8 in Elect.Keyboard
Purnima ThapaM.A. (English), B.Ed.
Pritam SahaM.A. (Geography) B.Ed.
Puja PradhanM.A.(English) NTT
Radha ChettriM.A (Nepali)
Rahul GangulyM.Sc Physics
Sangita DeyM.A (YOGA)
Seema JaiswalM.A. (HINDI) , B.Ed.
Soma Ghosh DebM.A., B.Ed
Soumyadip DeyM.A. (Hist.), B.Ed
Sourav DasM.Sc (Comp. Sci.), B.Ed
Swati PandeyBA (Graduate with NTT)
Non-Teaching Staff
Chandrama PradhanPrincipal
Col. (Retd.) Sunil Kumar Singh
Chief Administrative Officer
Anusha BindalHR & Admin Coordinator
Rodha ChettriAsst. Nurse
Varsha SharmaAdmissions Counsellor
Vicky SonarAccountant
Vishaka PradhanAdmissions Counsellor
Vinit kumarIT & Systems Administrator