Science Laboratories

Laboratory teaching and experiments help encourage deep understanding in children. School Laboratories helps students enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts which are taught in the classroom.

Our School has spacious , well maintained Laboratories ranging from Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Studies and Mathematics. These laboratories have advanced equipment , models and apparatus and it has been designed keeping in mind the safety of the students

The Math Lab offers an interactive platform to the students where they are given a practical demonstration of mathematical concepts through various hands-on activities. This makes Math learning fun , easy and helps in removing the fear of Math . We have also partnered with “JODO GYAN” to teach mathematical concepts through a variety of tools and kits.

Computer Labs and Robotics

Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. Our computer lab serves as the centre for teaching computers as well as providing a place for students to explore, create, connect and develop digital literacy skills . We have introduced Robotics to strengthen the practical learning abilities of students , as well as improve logical and analytical skills . The software is designed for students to make them understand the logical part of programming in a fun and intuitive approach.

Language Lab

Sri Sri Academy has partnered with the Wordsworth English Language Lab . The English learning programme prepares the students to communicate in English with clarity and confidence. The methodology is a blend of Instructor Led Training in which concepts are introduced and reinforced with practice with a Computer Based Training , practice and evaluation. This enables the children to upgrade their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation through extensive listening and speaking practice.