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Instilling a Feeling of Patriotism in Kids on Republic Day

Patriotism provides us with a sense of purpose, allows us to care for our fellow citizens, and makes us more responsible. Patriotism, in most circumstances, offers no room for selfishness to grow. When a person begins to love their nation, their selfish desires begin to diminish. When parents make it their purpose to raise their […]

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7 Winter Safety Guidelines for Children That Parents Should Be Aware Of

Fear lurks within the comfort and coziness of the winter season, especially if you have little children. During the winter, children are more susceptible to a variety of seasonal allergies, which may ruin the festive spirit overall. But don’t panic, since the best CBSE day-boarding school in Siliguri is here with 7 basic winter safety […]

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7 Essential Social Skills That Every Child Should Possess

Learning social skills is an important element of a child’s growth and development. Good social skills enable children to engage constructively with others and successfully convey their needs, wants, and feelings. Furthermore, the advantages of social skills extend far beyond social interactions and acceptability. Children who are more socially adept are more likely to gain advantages […]

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Different Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Your Children

Self-esteem in your children is an extremely important requirement for their long-term happiness and social well-being. As parents, we want to offer our children everything good in the world. But, in the actual world, what counts is that you raise your child to be confident and resilient so that he or she is prepared to […]

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Different Ways to Develop Leadership Skills

The idea of rising to the top of one’s field motivates many individuals to keep working hard, developing their talents, and taking on new tasks. But after a certain point, professional advancement is dependent on more than just technical talents and the desire to work hard. And what you need are certain soft talents, the […]

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Amazing Facts About Boarding Schools in India

Boarding schools are well-known throughout the country for instilling discipline and dedication in pupils throughout their formative years. Residing on school grounds for a complete academic term and sticking to the timetable is totally another experience. Contrary to popular belief, boarding school life, however, is very different from what most people imagine. And studying at a […]

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Six Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Diwali with Your Child

Diwali is a national festival commemorated across the country. Friends and family gather around, homes are adorned, and every city and town is filled with a joyful atmosphere. Children adore this celebration because it allows them to take a lengthy break, have more time to play, indulge in sweets, and get gifts. Parents and children […]

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Benefits of Educational Tours

It does not come as a surprise when teachers and students of the best CBSE school in Siliguri Sri Sri Academy enjoy educational tours. Outdoor trips are able to provide the students with what cannot be found in the classroom but can be sought through direct experience. It is all about experiential learning as the […]

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5 Vital Tips to Keep in Mind When Preparing for Your Exams

The exam time is extremely stressful for students at all levels. Preparing for exams is a skill and research in and of itself, regardless of whether you are in high school, college, or another level of study. Exams, as we all know, are more than just how much we know and how well we understand […]

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How to Foster Creativity in Children?

Creativity is the most liberated way of expressing oneself. Nothing is more enjoyable and fulfilling for children than the freedom to express themselves without criticism. It helps children become more confident, improve social skills, and study more efficiently. Any creative activity is a manifestation of one’s self. Being creative can assist youngsters in expressing and […]

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