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The Art Of Living Education

Our Curriculum

As a Day Boarding and Residential School in Siliguri, Sri Sri Academy has the means to nurture every child’s innate skills and abilities. The curriculum includes subjects such as Western and Indian music, quizzing, debating, computer programming, performing and visual arts amongst others.

A number of workshops and programmes are also conducted for parents.

An indicative list of activities corresponding to each level is below:

Pre Primary

  • Phonetics programme in English
  • Unique kids play area
  • Fine & gross motor skills development
  • Storytelling
  • Puppet shows
  • Activity time
  • Mini gym & games
  • Dance


  • Concept understanding & development
  • Innovative academic practices
  • Apple Education Program using iPads
  • Professional sports curriculum
  • Life skills & value education
  • Library
  • Music (instrumental, vocal) & dance
  • Art & craft
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Prajna Yoga workshop by The Art of Living Foundation

Middle School

  • Experiential learning that focuses on multiple intelligence.
  • Integrated technology-based education
  • Robotics & Maths labs
  • Computer Science and English Language labs
  • Composite Science Labs
  • Field trips and outbound learning programmes
  • Intensive training in outdoor & indoor sports
  • Drama, elocution & other creative activities
  • Daily Kriya & meditation
  • ART Excel workshop by The Art of Living Foundation
  • Learning through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Robotics)

High School

  • National Talent Search Examination
  • National Olympiad Foundation
  • India International Model United Nation
  • Career assessment test
  • Assessment of scholastic skills to educational testing
  • Inter School Workshops
  • YES workshops by The Art of Living Foundation
  • International Benchmark Test


– The School calendar will detail the precise activities to be conducted each year.

– The school has a competitive house system to encourage students to participate in activities and sporting events. This fosters peer support, community building, leadership and the personal, social and moral development of students.