Students spend a lot of time in the classrooms. A welcoming and comfortable classroom at our best day boarding school in West Bengal facilitates the learning experience of the students. We have designed our classrooms as places students look forward to coming to each day, places that feel welcoming, safe, nurturing, and fun. Our classrooms foster a positive learning environment, they are bright, well-ventilated and colorful with modern, age-appropriate and child-friendly furniture which can be arranged for individual, group learning, and group activity for optimum interaction. All the classrooms are technology enabled with Led TV, to impart Apple Education Programme to the students to make the lessons interactive and interesting.

The strength of each class is limited to 30 students per class so that the students receive individualized attention and they get to interact more with the teacher. The teachers also cater to students’ different learning styles and ensure that they stay engaged and understand what is being taught.


Reading and sharing stories can help children develop literacy skills, spark imagination, stimulate curiosity and develop communication skills. Children who read develop broad vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. At Sri Sri Academy, the best day boarding school in West Bengal, we encourage students to read whether it’s for information or for fun.

Our school library is a special place for learning, thinking , reading and a favorite spot for many students. It is a space where students feel welcome and are encouraged to grow and learn , it is also ideal for story telling , group discussions and interaction. Each student is assigned a library card and books are issued to the students through the library management system. The library is managed by a qualified librarian who assists students in the selection of books appropriate for their age and standard.The librarian also organises book fairs ,literary festivals and activities The students and staff have access to a wide range of fiction ,reference books, encyclopedia, journals,magazines and newspapers to enrich the students classroom activities and knowledge.