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Organizational skills for Child

Teach Your Child Organizational Skills Ahead Of The Upcoming Academic Year

The development of excellent organization skills is a vital ingredient for your child’s success in life and school. While some children are more organized by nature, others need a bit of a helping hand to get it together. 

Without further ado, let us look at a few simple ways to teach your child to become more organized and stay prepared for the new academic year. 

  • Break down big tasks into small chunks 

Assist your kids in breaking down household chores or school assignments into smaller and more manageable tasks. It will show your kids that every task has a beginning, middle and end. It will make the project or task appear less challenging. For instance, if your child’s nightly chore is to clear the bed, you need first to explain how to move away the books, then the clothes and then settle the pillows. 

Similarly, significant school assignments can be broken down into smaller chunks. For example, if your kid has to finish a project, all the materials must be assembled first, and then the writing part can be tackled. Even for the writing part, the introduction can be written first. Then the different headings can be segregated and written separately. After which, all the pages can be assembled. 

Typically, breaking down tasks into smaller chunks is taught in the best CBSE school in Siliguri, but you need to ensure the habit is maintained at home as well. 

  • Teach your child time management skills and keep a large calendar handy 

Encourage your child to write down the vital tasks on a calendar, which might be a paper or digital calendar. Then assist them in estimating how much time each activity or task will take. When the tasks are over, sit with them and calculate if your estimate was accurate. If required, you can recommend adjustments for next time. 

If this practice is continued, it will help your kids to write school assignments and submit them within the estimated time. 

  • Create to-do lists and checklists to ensure all the tasks are completed 

If there are specific tasks and activities that your child is expected to complete regularly, it is best to create a to-do list. The list can include household chores and homework. You must encourage your kids to keep the list where they can see it often and check the tasks off the list when it is complete. 

  • Encourage your children to organize their school assignments, so they are completed within the estimated time 

Before your kids sit with their homework, it is best to ask them to list all the assignments they need to complete and the order in which they must be done. It is always a good idea to start with assignments that are not too difficult or take too much time. It will help them save much time and not get drained out too fast. 

If the more extensive homework assignments do not need to be finished right away, teach them how to break them down into small chunks. 

  • Work with your child to set a designated study time and ensure to follow it through 

Your child must know that a specific time is reserved every day for homework and studying. Your child is not supposed to watch TV or play games on smartphones within that time. Usually, the best time to study and complete assignments is not right after school but sometime in the evening when they relax and unwind. 

Suppose you are a working parent and do not find time regularly to help your child review school lessons and finish homework. In that case, you can get your child admitted to Sri Sri Academy and take advantage of the day boarding facility. Along with other classmates, your child will finish all the school assignments and come home to spend quality time with you, minus the homework hassle. 

  • Ensure to conduct a weekly cleanup to organize all the books and school essentials

On a weekly basis, make your children purge notebooks and book bags. Ensure all the papers and old tests are organized and appropriately kept in a separate file at home. Wrappers, papers, and other debris need to be thrown out to not become clutter at home. 

The school supplies that have made their way to the end of your cabinet or backpack must be placed in a pocket or a place where you will find them easily. 

  • Get together with your children and create a study place 

If your child has complete ownership over the study area, they will feel more comfortable and inclined to keep everything in an orderly and organized manner. They will ensure to get more learning done. 

The study area must be equipped with proper chairs and tables and all the school supplies. Also, it would help if you made sure the area was distraction-free so your child could concentrate on the tasks at hand. 

  • Every school night, encourage your child to pack their backpack and keep it ready for the following day

If the backpack is packed the night before, you would not have to scramble in the morning and look for books and other school things. You can even set a reminder on your smartphone or put it on the post-it note on the desk, so you know what all you need to take to school. Furthermore, a checklist will help you remember to carry all the things you need for school. 

So, these are a few tips to help your child become more organized and adopt healthy habits to stay ready for the upcoming school year. You need to ensure that these habits are continued throughout your child’s life.

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